Sweet frens o' mine

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Which one is better deceivers, fallacy or idiosyncrasy? If anything is baffling around you, stop and think for a while. Fries and hamburgers are not bad at all, overeating is. Spending and shopping are not sins, swiping your plastics card without thinking is. 

I am not a nihilist neither a realist, but I'm sure an  optimist. But does that makes a communist my enemy? No!

If you think more money will bring you happiness? Then, think again and listen to the Price Tag song. But, if its your dream to have more money and its works somehow in motivating you, then keep dreaming. 

Sometimes in life when you feel like you have the power, can fly above anything else, and even capable of breathing in vacuum, remember that there is always KRYPTONITE.


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